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CEO Message

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Being the leading airline catering operation in Hong Kong, and at the same time one of the largest in the world, Cathay Pacific Catering Services HK Ltd (CPCS) traces its history way back to 1967. We have always been very particular when it comes to providing our high quality services to our customers. Not only do we operate in Hong Kong, but we also provide quality catering services through joint venture partners in Taipei, Cebu, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto. In 2019, we supplied more than 29 million meals to 45 strategic business partners and global carriers.

Customer satisfaction has been and always will be the core of the CPCS brand promise and we work very hard to elevate the inflight dining experience through innovative menus designed by our team of renowned chefs. Underpinning their work is a highly professional research and development team that applies advanced technologies and expertise in food science to create opportunities for enhancing food quality. Everything is done to achieve the highest of quality and safety and this is reflected through recognised certification such as ISO 9001, 14001 and HACCP. We take the balance between quality and safety very seriously and will never sacrifice one for the other.

To support our commitment to customers, we have been leveraging sophisticated technologies to promote operational excellence within our organisation. We have adapted a data-driven approach to process optimisation that has resulted in new initiatives such as the only automated tray-setting machine in Hong Kong and a special elevator system, named the vertical buffer, that keeps food refrigerated as it moves around the production complex. We are constantly challenging the status quo with our flexibility, productivity and efficiency to reach more plateaus and ultimately, provide our customers with only better and better in-flight dining experiences.

In addition, we see it as our duty to provide premium catering services in a sustainable, ethical and responsible manner. We put processes in place to ensure that resources are used efficiently and to divert waste away from landfills through robust waste management practices. These include material reduction, recycling and the conversion of waste to bio-energy and farm feed. We also work with local food banks, including Food Angel and Feeding Hong Kong, as we feel the strong urge to give back to the society as a responsible corporation.

In light of the Hong Kong Government’s long-term decarbonisation strategy, CPCS has participated in the CLP Power feed-in-tariff scheme since 2018. We have also installed more than 800 solar panels, covering an area of 3,000 square metres, on the rooftop of our production facility in Hong Kong. These generate 320,000 kWh of electricity annually, and without any doubt it is the largest system of their kind run by a company operating at HKIA. Our continued efforts in the area of corporate sustainability have has been impactful, gaining recognition from the industry and the public such as the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence.

We believe that our staff are our greatest assets at CPCS, and we are putting a lot of weight to their continued development within the organisation. Our strategy is to equip employees with the skills they need to succeed in their current and future roles, as well as developing a sustainable talent and leadership pipeline through various well-established trainee programmes.

It is evident that nothing we have achieved at CPCS would have been possible without the support of our highly professional and dedicated employees. Our employees never take no for an answer, constantly making breakthroughs with innovative ideas and staying on top of the industry. We will continue to optimise our operations and develop the team to provide more innovative solutions for our customers. Building on more than 50 years of expertise in airline catering, we are expanding our businesses online as well as on the ground as we continue moving beyond our horizons.

Ms. Liza Ng Chief Executive Officer

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