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operations services DEPARTMENT

The Operations Services Department is our frontline team responsible for delivering food and beverage, catering and commissary equipment to and from aircraft while providing logistics and catering coordination services to customers. The department consists of six sections, with the roles and duties of each section coming together to ensure the delivery of quality catering services to all airline customers.

  • To work with airline customers and provide the logistics and loading services necessary to ensure meals are delivered to the aircraft on time and in the right quantity.

  • To replenish onboard materials and ensure a continuous supply for each flight, including those with a quick turnaround.

Assistant Loading Services Manager

January 16, 2023


January 16, 2023


January 16, 2023


January 16, 2023


January 30, 2023

輕型貨車司機 / 大車司機

January 16, 2023

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