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2018 marks an important milestone for both the Hong Kong Airport Authority and CPCS as we celebrate 20 years of operations at Chap Lap Kok.  In the past two decades, alongside the expansion of the HKIA, our production volume has more than doubled while the operating facility has expanded by over 20%.  This is a remarkable achievement - and one that could not have happened without the support from the Airport Authority and the dedication of the CPCS teams!

As a food production company and a key player in the airport logistics chain, people are a vital component in helping CPCS to achieve its vision: to be the most valued catering services partner in Asia. We put relentless focus on quality and creativity to support our customers in achieving their ultimate goals - and it is our people that underpin everything we do. To help our colleagues develop and excel, CPCS has put tremendous effort into people development over the years.

A good example of that commitment is our Supervisor Trainee Program, which was launched back in 1995. This program offers degree holders in related disciplines a promising career in the inflight catering business. Over the course of the two-year training programme, the trainees become well versed in the core operations of CPCS and are groomed to become our next generation of leaders. We are proud that quite a few of our current middle and senior management positions in the company are held by people who started out as Supervisor Trainees.

Our commitment to people development is also reflected in our recently-launched Youth Program which targets to recruit youngsters with a desire to develop a career in our industry.  The programme lasts for 9 months, featuring job and role rotation in the Food Production Department and Operations Services Department.  The training and development will focus on working experience (on-the-job training), coaching network (feedbacks assessments) and classroom training to provide an all-rounded coverage of the business.  

Yet, the most resource-intensive training and development initiative in recent years is the Lean Management Program, which involved more than 50% of our teams going through special training aimed at improving operational efficiency at every level.  We believe this investment is worthwhile not only to benefit the operation but also to improve the working environment for our staff.  To expedite the training programme, CPCS also worked with the training and development teams within the Swire Group including the Swire Leadership Program and Cathay Pacific’s Lean Academy.

To our delight, the ongoing commitment to the development of people has been acknowledged by the Employee Retraining Board (ERB), which recently awarded CPCS the status of “Manpower Developer” in the ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme 2017-2018. This is a great recognition of the effort we have put into manpower training and development and in fostering an organizational culture that is conducive to lifelong learning. 

To qualify as a Manpower Developer under the ERB scheme, we were assessed across five categories: Leading a Learning Culture, Resources Planning, Training and Development System, Performance Management, and Corporate Social Responsibility in Manpower Development. The ERB ran benchmarking exercises in each of these five areas among other non-SME organizations and the results showed CPCS outperforming in every category.

What all these various programmes show is that we take our people seriously at CPCS. We will continue to put resources and effort into developing our talents to support our business expansion and providing superior services to our valued customers.

Mr. Andy Wong
Chief Executive Officer


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