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CPCS Hong Kong is entering into a new era with the celebration of our 50th  Anniversary and the opening of our extension facility. A great thank you to all our business partners, friends and colleagues in the Hong Kong Airport community. Your support has been invaluable.

CPCS has over the years been very successful in delivering value to customers whilst achieving tremendous growth and has built eminent goodwill in the industry. Our success can be directly attributed to our ability to cultivate and grow our customer base. From time to time we take stock of what we have been doing and how we could do better going forward. Our investment in the extension facility is our commitment to the future of Hong Kong aviation market.  We care what our customers care in the areas of protecting the environment, assuring food safety and continuously enhancing operational efficiency. Automation and lean management will be our focus to cope with the persisting manpower shortage problem faced at the Hong Kong International Airport. Food safety monitoring is core to our operation sustainability with the rising trend of global food alerts. For instance, the Brazilian meat scandal in late March was causing the sudden shortage of meat import to Hong Kong. Other threats like the terrorist attacks, climate change and economic turbulence will continue to drive the costs of the whole industry up. It is vital that we work closely together to overcome the challenges ahead. When there are challenges, there are opportunities. Digitisation is top of mind throughout the commercial airline industry. Will digital technologies enable to grow the top line and reduce operating costs simultaneously? We shall see the next wave of competition on the digital platform.

This will be my last CEO message to all the stakeholders of CPCS. I truly treasure the 9 years working in CPCS with a professional management team and diligent frontline workers. With their supports, I managed to accomplish the most strategic mission of extending the CPCS franchise and expanding the CPCS capacity. It is probably time to say goodbye although reluctantly. My successor Mr. Andy Wong, the current General Manager will take over from me and lead CPCS to a new height.

Thank you once again for your continuous support and guidance. 

Mrs. Jenny Lam
Chief Executive Officer


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