Culinary Design Chef (Western)


Date Posted: 7 Jun 2018


  • Works and assists AMCD communicates the “art of the possible” to the Catering Inflight and Lounge Manager(CILM), in terms of what is operationally realistic to deliver in the CPCS kitchen in close liaison with CPCS Head Chef, Production team, PCD team and PUR team
  • Works with AMCD, responsible for International western culinary activities & ensure the highest standard of product quality to meet CX/KA customers’ expectation
  • Works closely with AMCD, designs and develops in-flight and lounges(owned) International western menus by interacting regularly with CPCS Production team, PUR and PCD team, translating customer needs and dining concept/proposition from CX Customer Experience Food & Beverage Team into new culinary ideas and update the meal library regularly
  • Act as Culinary Consultant, be a focal point of contact to CPCS to coordinate with relevant CPCS kitchens and departments for new western dishes/product initiatives and menu development
  • Work closely with AMCD to develop short and medium term western culinary development projects which include applying the latest food science and technology, SPML/dietitian projects to enhance CX/KA on-board and lounges’ products, processes and cost advantage as well as the long term development of the culinary proposition for CX/KA
  • Supports AMCD and menu planners for western menu design & development based on trends and insights. Coordinates with CPCS chef or caterers’ chef to plan and develop recipes and menus, taking into account such factors as seasonal availability of ingredients and the likely number of customers. Delivers menus to time and specifications within CX/KA cost budget, create and develop new western menu/dishes for CX/KA
  • Supports CILM to participate in tendering process for outport caterer as needed.  Ensure proposed menus for HKG and outport caterers are up to standard and within CX/KA budget and cost target given
  • Supports CILM/menu planners to attend caterer on-site meal presentations at outport and provide feedbacks as needed
  • Provide western culinary expertise/training to outport caterers for food quality improvement as needed
  • Supports AMCD to run training sessions/ workshops for CX/KA Inflight Customer Services team and Cabin Crew training by providing heating guideline/plating demonstrations/product information as well and culinary advice
  • Supports AMCD to specify food/menu development programmes/projects (with new equipment design as required) to support new food concept for CX/KA inflight and lounges according to Customer Experience Food & Beverage Team‘s dining concept and proposition  
  • Works with external chefs for new cullinary concept /projects and promotional menu as required
  • Conduct menu audit from time to time.  Hold regular menu tasting with chefs in CPCS & HK LSG to ensure CX/KA menus deliver consistently and up to mark by the caterers
  • Supports CX/KA menu set up for PR, media events and CX/KA internal events as required
  • Supports AMCD/Menu Planners to review food and drink satisfaction and make corrective action/suggestions if necessary



  • Formal culinary school graduated and excellent in culinary arts.
  • Minimum 15 years of experience as a Chef and/or Executive Sous Chef required.
  • Minimum 7 years of supervisory experience in cooking western cuisine in sizable hotels/restaurants or In-flight catering.
  • Knowledge of In-flight catering experience or experience in a high volume food service environment.
  • Good knowledge in controlling food cost
  • Expert in western menu design as well as food displacing.
  • Creative and can accept changes.
  • Must be customer and results focus
  • Good people management and communication skills.
  • Fluent in Cantonese, proficiency in English & Mandarin are a definite advantage.
  • Good organizing and planning skills and ability to work with different stakeholders in CPCS, CX/KA and outport caterers.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, deadline driven environment.

  • Basic computer skills required.  Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products preferred



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